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Benefactors Page 

Order of Franciscans Ecumenical, Inc.                                                                  Abbey of Saint Mary Theotokos, Inc. 


Benefactors Page

Feeding The Hungry  Children Campaign Click Here  Food is Love Click Here                                                                    Food for Hungry Children in Kenya Click Here

“You pray for the hungry. Then you feed them. That’s how prayer works.” (Pope Francis)

Time – Talent – Treasure
  • Abbot General Michael Cuozzo+, OFE
  • Patricia Cuozzo, OFES (Sister Frances, OFES)
  • Reverend Leonard Schmidt+, OFE
  • Adeline Schmidt
  • Lucy Concepcion
  • Ann Roth
  • Robert Sauerbrey
  • Reverend William Seuffert, HDM, Superior General, Prior
  • Brother William Robinson, OFH
  • Dr. Richard Baldi, OFES
  • Friedrich Griees
  • Dr. Judy Peters