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Order of Franciscans Ecumenical, Inc.                                                                              Abbey of Saint Mary Theotokos, Inc.                                                                                        Order of Franciscans Ecumenical Secular                                                                  Order of Franciscans Culdee                                                                                              Catholic Order of Franciscans Ecumenical                                            Sanctification of Families Union of Saint Francis of Assisi                            Theotokos Association of Catholic Priests

Order of Franciscans Ecumenical College of  Bishops:

Bishop Rouville M. Fisher, III, OFE 
Bishop-Elect Charalambos Ocen
Bishop Francis Joseph Patrick, SJ 
Bishop Anthony A.M. Pearson, COFE
Archbishop Andrew Sagayam, OFE

Ecumenical Friends ~ Religious Orders and Churches:

What does it mean to be “ecumenical friends?”
These are some of the things that reflect what that means: To pray regularly for the unity of the Church; to be rooted in a particular Christian tradition; to take an active part in the careful and honest appraisal of whatever needs to be done for the renewal of one’s own church; to be fascinated and curious about that which is different; to be willing to learn; to cultivate an historical consciousness; to be ready to celebrate vitality in the Body of Christ wherever it is found; to be willing to work together; to feel the scandal of our divisions; to be open to God’s will for the Church; to appreciate the important role of provisional regulations and church structures in our evolution from alienation to reconciliation; to have an appreciation for the hierarchy of truths in Christian doctrine; to try to understand others as they understand themselves; to be alert to the presence of God and the action of the Holy Spirit in the lives of other Christians and members of other living faiths; and to have a biblical patience.
Note: We have no ecclesiastical or jurisdictional affiliations with the religious orders or churches listed below.  We were granted permission to include them as ecclesiastical friends.
Ecumenical Friends ~ Religious Orders
Benedictine Companions of Saints Patrick and Brigid – Ecumenical Catholic Communion
Reverend Michael Kieran Seger+, OSB, Prior
Brothers of Saint John the Evangelist – Episcopal Diocese of Olympia
The Right Reverend +Sanford Z.K. Hampton, retired,  Episcopal Visitor
Community of the Gospel – Brother Daniel-Joseph, CG, Guardian
Companions of Saint Brendan – National Apostolic Catholic Church
The Most Reverend +Brendan Patrick, CSB
Congregation of Franciscan Servants – Progressive Catholic Church
The Right Reverend +Edmund Cass, CFS, Presiding Bishop
Divine Mercy Brothers of Our Lady of Perpetual Help – Roman Catholic
 Reverend Paul Ochieng-Ogada+, DMB, General Superior
Franciscan Order of the Divine Mercy – Orthodox Anglo-Catholic Communion
The Right Reverend +Kenneth J. Reihl, FODM
Order of Celtic Franciscans – Celtic Catholic Church USA
The Most Reverend +E. Bonnie Devlin, TOR
Order of Franciscan Hermits –  Roman Catholic
Brother Paul, OFH, Guardian
Order of Saint Michael – Celtic Catholic Church USA
                                          The Most Reverend +E. Bonnie Devlin, TOR                                                Abbot Billy T. Sullivan+, OSM
Hermits of Divine Mercy –  Roman Catholic
Brother William Seuffert, HDM, Guardian / Founder
Skete of the Most Holy Trinity – Ukrainian Orthodox Church in México 
                                                 His Beatitude Metropolitan +Daniel, Ihumen                                                                                                      
Mercy of God Community – Brother Thomas Devlin, MGC
Order of Augustinians of the Immaculate Heart of Mary – Communion of Synodal Catholic Churches
The Most Reverend +Joseph Augustine Menna, AIHM, Prior General
Order of the Franciscans of the Holy Cross – International Ecumenical Catholic Church
 Most Reverend Brother +Jack Isbell, OFC, Minister General
Ecumenical Franciscan Order – United Ecumenical Catholic Church
Brother Luke+, EFO

        Contemplative Community of Saint Francis and Saint Thérèse – United Fellowship of                                                          Contemplative Christians                                                       The Right Reverend +Timothy Connelly

Our Lady of Knock Abbey – Ecclesiastical Affiliation with the Order of Franciscans Ecumenical
Reverend Father Terence M. McDonough+, OFE, Abbot
                                                        Franciscans of Christ the Servant                                                         +Brother Robert, OSF
                     Franciscan Order of Saint Joseph Cupertino – Catholic Church of the Americas                                                                             Diocese of Saint Francis of Assisi                                                            Most Reverend +Filipe C. Teixeira, OFSJC
                                                             Society of Franciscan Workers                                                                 Father River Damien Sims, SFW, DMin.
                  The Brotherhood of Saint Gregory – Christian Community of The Episcopal Church,                   its Communion Partners, and the worldwide Anglican Communion
    Brother Richard Thomas Biernacki, BSG, Founder and Minister General
Ecumenical Friends ~ Churches
Celtic Catholic Church USA – The Most Reverend +E. Bonnie Devlin, TOR
Emmaus Ecumenical Catholic Community – Ecumenical Catholic Communion Reverend Katherine Keough+, Pastor
Nebraska Exachate – The Right Reverend Mar +Michael Melchizedek
Old Anglican Catholic Church, USA – Archbishop ++Michael D. Byus, Ph.D.
Orthodox Catholic Church World Wide – The Right Reverend +Todd Smith
Progressive Catholic Church – The Right Reverend +Edmund Cass, CFS, Presiding Bishop
Saints Cyrillos and Methodios Greek Orthodox Church
Bishop-Elect Reverend Charalambos Ocen+, Pastor
Saint Francis Ecumenical Catholic Church –  Ecumenical Catholic Communion
Reverend Victor Ray+, Pastor 
Saint Matthew Ecumenical Catholic Church –  Ecumenical Catholic Communion
The Most Reverend +Peter Hickman
Ukrainian Orthodox Church in México – His Beatitude Metropolitan +Daniel, Predstoyatel  
           Saint Francis Anglican Church – The Right Reverend +William Conner, DD, PhD 
Diocese of Saint Thomas of Villanova – Communion of Synodal Catholic Churches  
The Most Reverend +Joseph Augustine Menna, AIHM, Prior General, Order of Augustinians of the Immaculate Heart of Mary
International Ecumenical Catholic Church – Most Reverend Brother +Jack Isbell, OFC, Minister General, Order of the Franciscans of the Holy Cross
Saint Maria Faustina of the Divine Mercy Independent Catholic Church
Independent Catholic Church of North America – The Most Reverend +Anthony A.M. Pearson, Rector
Franciscan Parish of the Resurrection – +Brother Robert, OSF
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