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Holy Apostles Monastery, Pontifical / Roman Catholic


Abbey of Saint Mary Theotokos, Inc.

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An Eastern Catholic Franciscan Religious Order, Western Rite

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Sanctification of Families Union of Saint Francis

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Holy Apostles Monastery, Pontifical / Roman Catholic

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Holy Apostles Monastery Photo and Video Gallery Page

Children from the Divine Mercy Children Orphanage
Thank-you smiles for the benefactors of the Feeding the Hungry Children Campaign  
Holy Apostles Monastery, Roman Catholic, Kenya, East Africa
September 2016  – July 2017
Archbishop ++Raphael S. Ndingi Mwan’a Nzeki
Archbishop Emeritus of Nairobi, Kenya
Mentor and dear loved friend of Holy Apostles Monastery
Children dressed like the priests and sisters during vocation Sunday
May 2017
Children with lay volunteer and visiting sister
May 2017 
Children with three ladies of Holy Apostles Monastery lay group volunteers  
May 2017
Brother John Katende, SJ, (in yellow T-shirt) with social work students who will be volunteering with Holy Apostles Monastery children, in partial fulfillment of the requirement of their seminar on child development, which is organized by the Jesuit Foundation Program.
April 2017
Brother Moses Mwaura, DMB with school children in their new uniforms
March 2017
Construction of the Father Michael Cuozzo Foundation Center for Love and Hope
March 2017 
Volunteers building and construction students having lunch at Holy Apostles Monastery
February 2017
“Don’t do harm to the orphans, you never know what life has in store for you. Nobody chooses to be an orphan; no parent chooses to die and leave his children without defense.  May God bless them.” (Father Paul Ochieng-Ogada, DMB, General Superior)
Celebration of Eucharist 
Father John Paul, DMB
Director of Formation and Information
Advisor to the General Superior
February 2017
Celebration of Eucharist
Father John Paul, DMB 
Director of Formation and Information
Advisor to the General Superior
February 2017
New Location
Holy Apostles Monastery, Roman Catholic, Kenya, East Africa
 September 2016
IMG_20150909_143104 Holy Apostle Monastery
Children singing and dancing
November 29, 2016
Founders Day Celebration
Children’s Garden
Feeding the Hungry Children Campaign
November 2016
15622029_1402606269752214_4910032515555663059_n              15578626_1402606406418867_6350958288999854101_n 
Pineapple harvest
November 2016
img_20161122_101837           img_20161122_101835                                        
Gathering of Religious Priests 
November 2016
Kindergarten Graduates
November 2016
14907224_622785857901721_4395398971688304534_n    14992051_622785861235054_4242144676574748810_n
Beyond Zero Mobile Clinic visits Holy Apostle Monastery
nutrition injections
October 2106
Father Paul Ochieng-Ogada, DMB, made a cake in honor of the Blessed Mother.
October 2016
Lady prays daily by the roadside facing toward the doors of Good Shepherd Chapel. 
September 2016
Children singing a choral verse and dancing
September 2016
Children dressed in school uniforms
September 2016

Schoolchildren at Catholic School.

Children of the Holy Apostles Monastery nutrition program
Feeding the Hungry Children Campaign
   September 2016
Children Feed the Hungry Children
Sister Emmaculate Achieng Ondiegi, OP
kindergarten classroom
September 2016

Kindergarten run by catholic nuns (Photo by: Godong/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

Former Location
Holy Apostles Monastery, Roman Catholic, Kenya, East Africa
IMG_20150909_143323               IMG_20150909_143313              IMG_20150909_143310
Holy Apostles Monastery
Father Paul Ochieng-Ogada, DMB 
and his seminarians and aspiring students
IMG_20160811_085830 (2)
Children’s Garden
Feeding the Hungry Children Campaign
August 2016
Children Garden
Deacon Paul Ochieng-Ogada, DMB
Presbyteriate Ordination
Roman Catholic Diocese of Same, Tanzania, East Africa
May 26,  2016
Holy Apostles Monastery 05 2016
Please pray for this very sick and orphaned child, who is in
Holy Apostles Monastery nutrition program. 
Feeding the Hungry Children Campaign
   May 2016
Flooding Near Nairobi, Kenya, East Africa
May 2016
DnNairobiFloods0104if        DnNairobiFloods0104ier
              Holy Apostles Monastery                             a monastery automobile     
Divine Mercy Brothers Father Kevin recovering in the hospital
DnNairobiFloods0104f          DnNairobiFloods0104
Roman Catholic
Presbyteriate Ordination
IMG_2462656731021   FB_IMG_14388400628502665
Roman Catholic Religious Vows
Brother Paul Ochieng-Ogada, DMB
Br Paul 1           Br Paul 2
Brother Paul Ochieng-Ogada, DMB, with family and friends
Br Paul 6          Br Paul 5
Br Paul 4       Br Paul 3
IMG_31324605920277      FB_IMG_14393840965987960
“Grace, mercy, and peace will be with us from God the Father and from Jesus Christ the Father’s Son in truth and love.”