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Order of Franciscans Ecumenical, Inc.                                                                      Abbey of Saint Mary Theotokos, Inc.                                                                      Order of Franciscans Ecumenical Secular                                                            Order of Franciscans Culdee                                                                                  Catholic Order of Franciscans Ecumenical                                          Sanctification of Families Union of Saint Francis of Assisi              Theotokos Association of Catholic Priests                                                              Order of Franciscans Ecumenical Ecclesiastical Affiliation Charters

The motto of the Order of Franciscans Ecumenical is Repair My Church.


We are supported by your tax-deductible charitable contributions.

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The dimensions of our charism (gift) include:

1. Recognition of the primacy of our Lord Jesus Christ;
2. Inspiration from the spirituality of Saint Francis of Assisi;
3. Reverence for creation;
4. Dignity of human persons;
5. Support of family unity;
6. Compassion;
7. Peacemaking; 
8. Service;
9. Community;
10. Simplicity;
11. Welcoming married and celibate Roman Catholic priests and laity.

The Apostolic Works of the Order of Franciscans Ecumenical are:

1. Sanctification of families; 
2. Blessing of married Roman Catholic priests.
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