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Roman Catholic Models For Married Priests:

> Federation of Jesus Abbeys Model 

As historically documented, we were canonically created in 1985 as the Catholic Apostolic Church / Eastern Rite / International Ordinariate, later identified as the Federation of Jesus Abbeys, and most recently as the Order of Franciscans Ecumenical.
The Federation of Jesus Abbeys model for priests sanctions married Roman Catholic priests to serve in parishes of the Roman Catholic Church as priests.
This arrangement is historically based on a document that outlines a covenant forged in the 12th century in Saint Andrews, Scotland between the Culdee (Celtic Church) and the Roman Catholic Church.
The Culdee has always formed Abbeys or communities, with each being independent, and  has a 2000 year unbroken concordat with the Eastern Catholic Church.
This still binding covenant canonically enables the priests to sacramentally serve Roman Catholics within Roman Catholic Parishes.

> Catholic Apostolic Church | Eastern Rite Model 

This model was to allow the married priests join the Catholic Apostolic Church / Eastern Rite / International Ordinariate and then serve in Roman Parishes as Uniate priests. The Culdee Celtic Church in Scotland) had a concordat dating to the 12th century with Rome, and also was a sister church to the Syro-Chaldeans (Eastern Catholic Church) and provided the historical bridge needed.
Research Consultant: Mar +John Dunnigan, DD (1935 – 2009), Bishop of the Catholic Apostolic Church / Eastern Rite / International Ordinariate, Founder of the Federation of Jesus Abbeys, Bishop of the Holy Apostolic Syro-Chaldean Church of the East, and Titular Bishop of Iona, Scotland.

Order of Franciscans Culdee (OFC):

On the Memorial of Saint Francis of Assisi, October 4, 2016, the Abbot General of OFE established the Order of Franciscans Culdee (OFC), for married and celibate Roman Catholic priests. The Order of Franciscans Ecumenical and the Order of  Franciscans Culdee were fused together in a single entity (“an Order within an Order”) with distinct and independent ecclesiastical functions. Present members and those who join will be members of both orders.

Advisory Board Members:

Order of Franciscans Culdee (OFC) 

                       The Right Reverend +Todd Smith, BS, MS, DD                           Orthodox Catholic Church World Wide
     The Most Reverend +E. Bonnie Devlin,TOR, PhD, MDiv.                   Celtic Catholic Church USA
                      Abbot Billy T. Sullivan+, OSM, BA, MS                         Celtic Catholic Church USA 

Celtic (Culdee) Spirituality:

1) A deep respect of nature, regarding creation as the fifth Gospel;
2) Quiet care for all living things;
3) The love of learning;
4) A wonder-lust, or migratory nature;
 5) Love of silence and solitude;
6) Understanding of time, as a sacred reality;
7) An appreciation of ordinary life, worshipping God through everyday life, and with great joy;
8) The value of family and clan affiliation, and especially spiritual ties of “soul friends” (anamchara).

Why is the goose the symbol for Holy Spirit?:

Bill Tenny-Brittian, in his article, Flight of the Wild Goose says, “The Celts looked at nature and saw God revealed in all His glory and they understood God best when they took symbols from what they experienced. The Holy Spirit was symbolized by the wild goose. Doves were docile and delicate, but the wild goose was untamable, free, and unpredictable. Instead of a soft coo, the wild goose was noisy and raucous. And it seemed always to be on the move—on a pilgrimage ordained by the Lord Himself.”
Bill Tenny-Brittian continues: “Jesus said that those Christians who were led by the Spirit were like the wind—you don’t know where it comes from and you don’t know where it’s going. A Christian who follows the wild goose is wild and free themselves. They have lives that are less than predictable. They live life to the full (John 10:10). They are wild and free, untamable either by society that would bind them with lies or by religion that would chain them with duty and obligation.”                                          Cf. November-17-2016 (Date of Access)
Note: Anamchara is a Gaelic word for “soul friend”. It was the style of formation given to a new monk or nun in a Celtic monastery, whereby
the new member would be paired up with an older, more experienced
monk. In this way the new Religious would have a more personal
mentoring in the monastic tradition. Anam is the Gaelic word for soul
and Cara is the word for friend. In Celtic tradition, an Anam Cara is
a teacher, companion or spiritual guide.

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