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 Congregation of Mother of Christ Fathers Charter
Order of Franciscans Ecumenical Charter # 072519-1


Founded within the Prelature of Pope John Paul II (1985)
Catholic Apostolic Church | Eastern Rite | International Ordinariate 

Roman Catholic Franciscan Religious Order,

An International Ordinariate

Abbey of Saint Mary Theotokos

Province of Saint Mary Theotokos


Order of Franciscans of the Eucharist

Order of Franciscans Ecumenical

Very Reverend Michael Cuozzo, OFE, Minister General
History of the Order of Franciscans Ecumenical Click Here
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Ecclesiastical Affiliation Charter 

Very Reverend Michael Cuozzo, OFE, Minister General

Date of Charter:  July 25, 2019

Founders Day: September 8th

Congregation of Mother of Christ Fathers
Very Reverend Father Johnpaul Ejike Akpa, CMCF, BAPhil, BTh
Founder | Superior General
Very Reverend Michael Cuozzo+, OFE, MDiv, DD, STD, PhD
Order of Franciscans Ecumenical Charted Ministry

Benefits of OFE Ecclesiastical Affiliation Charter Membership

We establish Ecclesiastical Affiliation Charters with monasteries, abbeys, churches, hermitages, congregations, missions, archdioceses, and dioceses to help them fulfill their respective missions.
Each charter member will operate independently, maintaining their current system of disciplines and teachings.
They accept the authority of the Order of Franciscans Ecumenical  over all matters of Faith and Practices.

The charter member may not legally or financially obligate the Order of Franciscans Ecumenical in anyway.

The Nature of the Congregation
Motto: “Do whatever He ask you to do.” (John 2:5)
The Congregation of Mother of Christ Fathers (CMCF), founded on September 8, 2014 by Reverend Father Johnpaul Ejike Akpa is an Institute of apostolic religious life whose members take the three public vows of obedience, poverty, and chastity.
The Spirit of the Congregation 
The Spirit of our Congregation is that of charity, humility, prayer, penance, and abandonment to the will of God. It is a dynamic growth of the Spirit of Christ as expressed in the gospel. We strive to imitate Christ in order to be his faithful interpreters by our very lives.
Charism of the Congregation 
We live a life of unseasoned prayer. We are victims of Christ love and therefore live in perpetual adoration to the Lord. Furthermore, the Brothers are involved in the education of the youths, moral upbringing of the youths and offer psycho- therapeutic counseling to the people of God. We believer in the word of our founder that says “Catch them young and let their light shine” similarly, the CMCF father’s care for the elderly one, poor, youth, and the needy. We have it as our charisma is to bear witness to the Mercy following the footsteps of Christ, the merciful Saviour and our Mother Mary, who didst choose a better part expressed in compassion, forgiveness, and kindness.

Teaching Apostolate

The proper education of the people of God which is aimed at a full  development of the human person and faculties, the discoveries of gifts and talents, and its development according to the mind of the Creator, must take a prime place in our apostolate, at home and abroad. This should have as its primary purpose, the preparation of responsible and capable Christians for building up of Christian community and a healthy human society.

Brother Olua Francis Ucheena, CMCF

Brother Ude Michael Stephen, CMCF, OFES

Brother Joseph Sunday Egbodor, CMCF

Brother Ikah Francis Onyekachi, CMCF

Brother Mejida Tashilane Jeremiah Pio, CMCF

Brother Aondoakaa Tertsea John Paul, CMCF

Brother Ikyuve terhemba Kenneth James, CMCF

Brother Garba Aondoaver Samuel Raymond, CMCF

Brother Utume ushahemba Benjamin Benedict, CMCF

Brother Ikyaa Iorse Jonathan Moses, CMCF

Brother Johnkingsley Alukwu (Novice)

Brother Titus Aginde, CMCF

Brother Aka Francis (Novice)

Brother Philip Ugwu, CMCF

Brother Uche Raymond, CMCF​ 
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Congregation of Mother of Christ Fathers Charter
Order of Franciscans Ecumenmical Charter # 072519-1


Roman Catholic Franciscan Religious Order, An International Ordinariate
Very Reverend Michael Cuozzo, OFE, DD, STD, PhD, Minister General
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