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Roman Catholic
Congregation of the Fathers and Brothers of Mercy Charter
Order of Franciscans Ecumenical Charter # 01042022 

Ecclesiastical Affiliation Charter 

Date of Charter:  January 4, 2022

Roman Catholic
Congregation of the Fathers and Brothers of Mercy


We the Fathers and Brothers of Mercy Congregation known as the Misericordian Missionaries is a congregation founded with the inspiration of God by Brother MacAnthony Chinonye Maryclaret Alamezie in the year 2018. We are a congregation of the institute of the consecrated life for both priest, brothers, and lay people which profess the three Evangelical vow of obedience, chastity and poverty. We also live a communal life and share things in common, we live our lives according to the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ and make sure to adapt and follow the steps that the church and it’s tradition have set out for us.


Our charism according to MacAnthony is based on showing mercy to mankind and also to witness the mercy of God, we show mercy to everybody we come across especially the atheist who believed that there is no God, we extend the Lord’s mercy to the entire people in the universe and also help the church to convert the unbelievers and sinners.


Our work emphasizes on the mercy of God through humility, peace and love, missionary spirit and zeal for the salvation of souls. It is also seen in our preaching parish missions to believers, in our parish work, in our mission to non-believers, in our administration of the sacrament of confession and Holy Eucharist, and the preaching of the Word of God.


The Apostolate of the Sons of Our Lady of Mercy is divided into two parts which are the internal and external apostolate.

INTERNAL APOSTOLATE: Praying for God’s mercy through the help and intercession of Our Lady of Mercy to all mankind.

EXTERNAL APOSTOLATE: Showing mercy to the whole world and humanity through:

  • Teaching the youth/ children;
  • Teaching in schools;
  • Correcting the ignorance; and
  • Teaching of catechesis and moral instructions in schools and parishes.


MacAnthony as a growing and skillful man had the vision of making the world recognize the mercy of God and the need to be humble, most especially in serving the poorest of the poor, the sick, the disabled, the aged, and the dying.


He decided to achieve these by having an association of men who are willing to serve in God’s vineyard and help actualize his vision too.


Those men will as well be skilled and well trained and as well engage in parish work, school works, youth apostolate, corporal works of mercy, visiting the prisoners, and working in the orphanage homes.

Congregation of the Fathers and Brothers of Mercy Charter
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