“We must obey God rather than men” (Acts 5:29)

The Most Reverend +Ida Raming, RCWP (Roman Catholic Women Priests), OFE (hc), DTh was awarded an Honoris Causa membership in the Order of Franciscans Ecumenical (OFE) on the 29th day of March, 2020, the Fifth Sunday of Lent. An Honoris Causa (Latin: “for the sake of honor”) membership is awarded in recognition of distinguished service to the Roman Catholic Church, church reform, and challenging the prohibition of women from the Roman Catholic priesthood. She resides in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart, Rottenburg, Germany, Europe.
Most Reverend Ida Reming was born in the northwestern part of Germany and studied philosophy, education, theology and German in Münster and in Freiburg/Breisgau.
Vatican Council II, (1962–65), 21st ecumenical council of the Roman Catholic Church, announced by Pope John XXIII on January 25, 1959, as a means of spiritual renewal for the church and as an occasion for Christians separated from Rome to join in a search for Christian unity.
During Vatican Council II, in 1963, together with Dr. Iris Müller (1930-2011), a Roman Catholic Woman Priest, and Theologian, known as one of the “Grandmothers” of the Women Priests Movement, Bishop Ida Raming drew up a published petition to the Vatican Council II, challenging the exclusion of women from the Roman Catholic priesthood.
Bishop Ida received her doctorate in theology from the University of Münster in 1970, and her thesis was titled “The Exclusion of Women from Priesthood: Divine Law or Gender Discrimination?”
She has published numerous books and articles on the history and theology of women, especially on the position of women in the Roman Catholic Church. She states: ”Considering the continuing oppression of women by the Vatican regarding their baptismal right to ordination, especially the definitive decision of Pope John Paul II against the priesthood of women (Ordinatio Sacerdotalis, 1994), in my view the doors to women’s ordination were closed. Therefore, I did not expect any reforms through dialogue and action within the system. I decided, together with my friend and colleague Dr. Iris Müller, after a lifelong struggle for women’s ordination, that the best – and possibly at this juncture the only – way forward was to transgress canon law (c.1024 CIC), relying on the word of Holy Scripture: “We must obey God rather than men” (Acts 5:29).”
On June 29, 2002, Feast of Saints Peter and Paul, Ida Raming was one of the original seven women who were ordained to the Roman Catholic priesthood. This took place on the Danube River. In June, 2006 she was ordained a Roman Catholic woman bishop in Stuttgart, Germany. She serves as a bishop with the Roman Catholic Women Priests- Europe.
(Photo: Episcopa [Bishop] Theodora, far left, Zeno Chapel, Roman Catholic Church of Santa Prassede, Rome)